REV-1 Lubricants
REV-1 is amongst one of the top brands in lubricants and oil specialities from Singapore. Since 2002, REV-1 has achieved a notable reputation among motorist and industrial administrators with our strict adherence to international quality standards, products performance and non-comprising product quality policies.

REV-1 engine oils are accredited under the Engine Oil Licensing and certification system (EOLCS) by America Petroleum Institute (API) and approved by Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Cummins for used in their engines. Over the last decade, REV-1 Lubricants have extended its range of lubricant from entry level and premier performance lubricants to metal working fluid and greases.
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VETTO Brake Parts
Vetto was launched into the market a decade ago with a conviction that brake parts should be consistently reliable without any compromised on quality. Vetto therefore aims to bridge the gap by offering drivers an alternative choice, apart from original manufacturers and OEM brands, without compromising on braking performance.

Vetto range of products has been expanded since with the inclusion of brake disc rotors, brake shoes, brake linings and hydraulic parts such as brake master cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, clutch master and slave cylinders. Vetto has also include premium and racing brake pads to cater to the more sophisticated group of drivers.
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NUTEQ Steering & Suspension
NuteQ developed by an experienced team with decades of in-depth understanding on steering and suspension parts, product expertise and knowledge. NuteQ has put together a comprehensive steering and suspension parts programme that delivers functionality and durability in restoring your vehicular comfort and control.

NuteQ products comprises of shock absorbers, control arms, ball joints, tie rod ends, rack ends and stabilizer link. New references are developed on a regular basis providing customers with the most up-to-date range. Quality is one of NuteQ’s most important value propositions and in order to ensure this, all our supply chain partners must be accredited with international recognized quality system such as ISO, QS and TS as a basic requirement.
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GENTEQ Cooling System Parts & Pumps
GenteQ offers the cooling system with a range of quality product such as water pump, radiator, radiator cap as well as power steering pump.
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SUNBLADE Wiper Blades
SunBlade offer an extensive range of wiper blade from the conventional steel frame to frameless to hybrid wiper as well as wiper refill.
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ELITO Cable & Hose
Elito offer a comprehensive range of cables used in both automotive and commercial vehicle such as throttle cable, clutch cable, etc.
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FILTEQ Filtration Products
FilteQ offer a wide range of oil and air filters for the automotive and commercial trucks segment.
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ENERGEO Power Generation Parts
Energeo offers an extensive range of dry cell and maintenance free battery for all automotive and industrial applications.
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